Thursday, February 12, 2009

GPS saves the day... just like a TV commercial

GPS or Global Positioning System is actually an old technology used by US military forces. Now made for public more and more mobile phones comes with a GPS chip built in.

When GPS was first intergrated into phones I thought BAHH!!! and dismissed it thinking that integrated devices were unstable and that I wasn't going to any foreign places anytime soon and I know how to get around KL,PJ. Worse comes to worst I'll just rely on the road signs.

Not until recently I purchased a Nokia E71. Bought it for its long battery life and internet connectivity options with WiFi. Although I did not buy it for its built in GPS I thought I'd give it a go since the feature is already there (why not, its free anyway)

The commercial begins,

As the "Dad" I was given the task of purchasing a baby gate so that mum could cook delicious morsels of food for dad without junior coming in the kitchen and opening the fridge and other cupboards.

The shop location...

The shop was located in "no mans land" to me coz I have never been or even heard of the area. Sumwhere in Kuchai Lama, in Taman Bandaraya on a street called jalan lazat 1. Jalan what?!?!! I thought.. never mind, time to give my E71 and the Garmin GPS a go.

Got out of the house, started the car and switched on the GPS on my E71. It took around 2 mins to get a satellite link up (not bad since I disabled A-GPS). keyed in Jalan Lazat in the address section....and violaaaa it found it in the database and it said "ready to navigate"

Upon clicking "GO" a womans voice came out "drive, 4.4 kilometers then take exit left" I said okay.... and went off.

I guess this is the point in history where humans start listening and taking orders from the machines that he created. Not quite AI matrix or terminator stuff but I guess we are heading that way...

The wonderful thing about garmin GPS is that if you choose to deviate from the course. (Take that AI!!! I dont take orders from machines!!!) it would recalculate a new route for you and resume giving you directions. This would come in handy if you want to avoid jams or tolls.

Worked like a charm and I was there in a place that I have never been to in no time.

As I got out of the car I realized that I forgot to withdrew money. Damn, and just like a TV advert I turned to my trusty E71 and keyed in ATM and it gave me directions to the nearest atm!!! Convinient??? it saved the day!!!!

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