Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Malaysia's very own times square???

Last month I was walking about at Jalan Bukit bintang... the buildings have changed, but the crowd is still the same...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Of Retro and ADIDAS

All Day I Dream About S.....ports!!! hahaha...

The adidas brand has been around even before I was born. I have always appreciated the shoes and has been a a part of me since my childhood, campus days and working life. Even my kids first real sneakers were a pair of adidas Sambas.

My very first memory of adidas was when my uncle showed of his pair of "Stan Smith" white and green shoes. At the time I didn't know who Stan Smith was hehe ( I was like 6 years old?? ) But what really caught my eye was the Shuttlecock 3 stripes logo.

Over the years adidas has changed its logo twice but still maintaining the 3 stripes. So being a retroguy I only acknowledge the first one and to me, that will always be the one true logo.

So when I walked in an adidas store recently I was glad to see the same retro logo that I love on a gorgeous looking "Stan Smith II" and bought it straight away!!! One of the best sneakers I have ever owned :)
hmmm I seem to recall one of friends wife saying "happiness comes from the feet??"