Sunday, August 7, 2016

Seiko Turtle PADI Special Edition

Hi guys, its been a long time since I have had a chance to update the blog...and...its also been a long time since I bought myself a brand new watch from a store (been buying lots of 2nd hand watches from flea markets and ebay though)

After 3 years since my last purchase (last one was a Limited Edition Blue Monster) Seiko finally made me itchy to get another one of their new releases....

The Special Edition SRPA21 New Prospex Turtle "PADI" edition!!!

To be honest I have alwaysed liked the "Pepsi" theme and have been missing one ever since I let go of my orient Pepsi Mako!!!

The evergreen seiko pepsi SKX009 never really did appeal to me mainly because of two main caveats :-

1) its really common and easy to get
2) old non hack and windable 7S26 engine
3) the hour markers are flat and the dial is kinda boring with little lume for a dive watch.

I wanted to get the new prospex turtle and was almost making the plunge for a blue one but somehow wanted the pepsi one. The pepsi one had a flat black dial though and that didnt turn me on either. For me Pepsi themed watches should always have a blue dial...

Seiko announced the PADI Special Edition and I was totally smitten. Pictures below:

"Big special edition Padi Box"

"PADI - Professional Association of Dive Instructors"

Nice sunburst blue dial!!! with the prospex logo now moved to the top near the Seiko logo. Chapter rings with red and white indexes is a nice touch!!! 

Solid end links, Tsunami logo and engraved "Special Edition"

Normal divers clasp with wet suit extension (really wished it was the ratcheting type ala marine master ones)

Unsigned crown!!! :(

at 45mm it wears big on the wrists and yet nice and flat.

Size comparison with the LE Blue Monster!!!

So in conclusion... I am really liking this PADI Special Edition Watch.

What I like most about it!!!
- Perfect Pepsi themed Turtle!!!
- Nice and big but still flat for sleeves
- Sunburst blue dial is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
- Special Edition!!!
- Hack and wind 4R36 movement
- Great Lume!!!

What I wished it had :
- Signed crown!!!
- Sapphire Crystal
- ratcheting clasp

All in all... this one is a keeper and I'm glad I got my hands on one :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Watch round up 2015...

Yeah I know I haven't been good enough to update this blog but 2015 was a very busy year for me. But never the less 2015 passed by so quickly. In terms of my watch collecting hobby, 2015 would basically be the Year of Digital with me heavily acquiring mostly casio digital and vintage G-Shock watches. I only bought one Japanese Automatic and that was the infamous Alba Blue Manta Ray diver!!!! (I'll do a review of this magnificent watch later)

Anyways here is a list of 2015's acquisitions.

1. Alba "Blue Manta Ray" Automatic Divers Watch
- Super rare blu dialed version with Manta Ray Dial.

2. Casio DW-56RT Referee Timer
- Special timer and stopwatch modes with injury time for various sports.
- Big clear display. A very unique DW-5600 series by casio
3. Casio DW-5000SL Spike Collaboration Edition
- Reissue of the DW-5000 the first G-Shock
- Screwback case

4. DW-8030 Casio Slot Machine
- Rare modue with dollar bill backlight

5. Casio TSR-100 Thermo Scanner
- Rare find, useful Infrared thermo scanner to scan forehead temperature and other items
- The same watch worn by Robin Williams in the movie Flubber 😁

6. Casio Marlin Thermometer Watch.
- Ultra rare model by casio with gauge like display.
- Analogue display of the temperature with "dancing hands
- 20 bar water resist

7. Casio Overland Alti-Baro
- Unique design by industrial designer Seymour Powell middle placed sensor
- Alti, Barometer and Depth meter...
- Alarms for altitude and depth

8. Casio G-Shock DWM-100RX Xaymaca
- Steel PVD Bezel
- Xaymaca backlight and velcro strap

9. Casio CPW-210 "Millenium Falcon"
- Compass only feature

10. Casio SPF-10 Sea Pathfinder Radiant Thermo Scanner
- Same as the TSR-100 thermo scanner
- Blue illuminator, moon age and tide graph
- Best for Sea anglers

Pelican Case with custom Casio Logo.... a more suitable wqtch case for my G-Shocks :)

Thats all for now... I'll try to write a review of all the watches above (if I have the time)

Actually there were a lot more that I bought in 2015 but I sold some of them off...more about thise in another post.