Saturday, January 21, 2012

Performing at a Live for the bucket list!!!

It was like barely 3 weeks ago that I got an sms from my pal Bob asking me to join a jamming session with his cousins band as a sessionist drummer and now... 3 weeks and about 4-5 practice sessions... here I was, sitting down with my band "Maxim Smirvov's Funeral Parlour" a bunch of 30ish year old fathers still hoping to rock it out, waiting for our turn to perform at a local gig sumwhere in USJ 21.

A big thanks to my dearest wifey and my son who officially went to his first Rock gig at the age of 4. And Thank You to all my friends who came and gave support, Togeh, Ijan, Kak Elly, even Syawal and Ita from the office.

To be honest just before the gig my ankle was starting to swell and I was a nervous wreck. In the end, We performed 3 songs, the first being the best for me and we really hick upped the 3rd song (perhaps because the 3rd song was the one with least practice and many creative gimmicks haha)

Anyways here are the video's of the gig, you be the judge...but go easy...its my very first live gig and I am glad as hell that we pulled it off.

Antique Cover
(click on the song names to watch the video)

well thats one checked for my bucket to go on and fly a plane.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Evertime when you are 1Utama and crossing the Skybridge from the "Old Wing" to the New Wing, ever noticed a cozy little restaurant with cozy wooden chairs, bean pillows and even a swing? Its Nearby FOS and its called Charms Cafe. I have always wanted to try out the place and this time I did and ordered what I have been sniffing everytime I passed by the place :


A heavy portion of Lamb Cutlets on a mini barbeque plate (so you can grill it just the way you like it, Medium or well done) and served with a generous portion of Butter rice, Lettuce and Sambal Belacan. It was yummy but I feel that the sambal was out of place. Would have prefered brown sauce or mushroom sauce to complement the lamb taste. Without any kind of sauce the dish felt a bit dry. Anyways the lamb was good.

This Dish will set you back RM 19.90 but my tummy was filled and left the place full and satisfied.

Based on the lamb charmer, I give a 7/10 (I would give an 8 if there was some kind sauce added)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Guess its still not too late, but anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.

So... will this be the last New Year that We will celebrate? well we'll just have to wait till 20th December 2012 right??

Till then I have a lot of catching up to do, knowledge wise, career wise, and also lots to get rid off, bad habits and such.

And not to forget to get some ticks checked on my Bucket List...(one of them is gonna happen pretty soon so wish me luck and i'll post it once its done)

Have a great Year ahead guys...