Friday, July 16, 2010

Pots of Naza's place

Last week my good old friend Naza had a pot luck gathering cum housewarming party at his humble abode... It was actually supposed to be a long overdue BBQ which Naza promised hahaha

Everyone brought some food, there was plenty to go around, mee siam, nasik lemak, daging bakar, lasagna, and yours truly made... Jelly fruits.... (maklumlah kitchen rumah tak settle lagi)

We had a great time, its good to realize how close the gang is after all these years.
The gurls : Sasya, Myreen, Shikin, Enaz, Debb, Biah

The guys : Wan Sabah, Naza, Epi, Mawi, Togeh, Bob, Syed and Reyza
(The authour is behind the lens)

Debb and Myreen

Yang KereK itu Menawan

Sunday, July 4, 2010

All hail the Maharahja...

All hail the Maharahja and his beloved queen...

My pal at the office Mr. Riz finally ended his days of bachelorness and tied the knot. Me and another pal Mat a.k.a. Mad Hatter went to the grand ceremony which was held at Dewan Mutiara Jalan Ipoh.

On their lovely grand throne

Me with the lovely couple

We were taken by surprise as our efforts to come in and out of the wedding in stealth mode were thwarted by Riz's brothers who quickly Identified us and brought us to our tables. Treated like heroes we were as apparently stories of our little bachelor party 1 day before the wedding has reached the family members...

Tradition is tradition and true enough, we had ourselves a small but wild party...

Party in the Wild wild West

His last day of FREEDOM!!! definitely a day to remember...