Thursday, November 6, 2008

Me and my Darth 90

First there was darkness...and then.. there was the D90!!!

They say that the nikonians are the dark side of the force, I dont know what the hell that means I have surely fallen to the darkside and thus taken an apprentice named D90 or Darth Nine-T

Not the first...

Well to be honest, ths D90 was not my first DSLR, my first DSLR was the Olympus E-420 bought ealier in 2008. Its not that I am a gadget luster (maybe just a little bit) but it's truly after you have bought your first DSLR than and only then you would know what are the limitations and features that you really need or miss. To tell you the truth I really wanted to get the D50 or D70 about 2 years ago way back in 2006 but putting it on hold, nikon came out with the D40/40x and D60. I was crushed to find out the these 3 entry level DSLRs could not autofocus with some AF-d lenses. Other hobbies of mine like mobile phones and laptops made me brush aside my desires for a DSLR. So I got a Prosumer a sony V3 and used it for awhile to brush up on my manual skills first.

The darkside poison...

The biggest poison was when I bought a nikkor AF-D 50mm f1.4 lens. via an adapter, I used this lens on my Olympus E-420 body and it produced amazing results. So I thought, err what if I wanted to autofocus with this lens? I need a nikon body, so I sold off a few of my stuffs, gathered money and went looking for a nikon body. The choices were down to a D80, a D90 or a D200.

Climbing down from mount Olympus...

After using the olympus I was used to a few features, one of it was live view!! and the other was sensor autoclean since I dont have a dust free room :P. The D90 had all these features and a bit more. Compared to the E-420 I appreciated the nice grip and the built in AF assist lamp an the availability of a wide range of lens and third party accessories.

What I started with...

I chose the body only option when I got my D90 because I already have the wonderful nikkor AF-D 50mm f1.4 for amzing bokeh and lowlight. The kit lens set was around RM1300 more expensive and came with the nikkor 18-105mm VR lens f3.5-5.6 getting the body only option I spent the money I save getting a 55-200mm VR zoom lens for my street sniper shots and also an 18-70mm f3.5-4.5 lens for wide angle. Later I bought a crumpler neck strap just for fun and being trendy. With these three lenses I was ready for anything, wide party shots, zooming and spy mode outings and low light and nice portraits.

sample photos

My Darth Nine-T needs a lightsaber....after all what is a sith lord without a light saber...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


There are a lot of choices nowadays when choosing a DSLR, among the contenders are :

*Sony Alpha (used to be minolta)
*Fujifilm S Pro series
*and.. I cant remember the rest...

Each of the above have their own strengths... The nikons and canons are considered the giants of the industrie but the others like Olympus and Sony are really catching up.

I prefer nikons better than canons mainly because interms of digital sensors the crop factor on a
nikon is a bit wider at 1.5x compared to canons 1.6x. If you are wondering what crop factor is all
about, its the actual frame size whether wide or telephoto that you would get when compared to a 35mm film camera format. For example 35mm is standard view less than that at 24mm-28mm is considered wide and for telephoto 70mm is 2x zoom (2 X 35mm) and 105mm is 3X zoom and so on and so forth.

So comparing kit lens like a 18-50mm on a nikon DX you would get an equivalent of 27-75mm but on a canon you would get an equivalent of 29-80mm less wide but a bit more zoom.

Olympus has really good colours maybe from thier liveMOS sensor. If you are mostly shoothing
telephoto then you might appreciate that the sensor has a crop factor of 2x. so if you get a 50-200 zoom lens, you are actually getting a 100-400 equivalent zoom!!! Olympus also have the outstanding lens quality if Zuiko although a bit expensive. Some olympus bodies have an Image stabilizer built-in.

I have not tried a pentax but the advantage that pentax has against other rivals is the lower power consumption technology making pentax DSLRs able to use standard AA size batteries. You can get a good pair if NiMH AA batteries and chargers for a really cheap price. and if you are in the field and if you battery runs out, just pop in some spare Alkaline AA's that you could get at 7 Eleven.

The sony Alphas are priced really competitively and armed with the latest technologies such as built in steady shot and Live view with tilted screen for crowded photography. The new Sony Alphas A200-300-350s have come a long way since the A100.

Other DSLRs out there are the Fujifilm S Pro, Leica, Panasonic, Samsung. FUjifilm S Pro uses nikon F mount lenses, Leica's are really expensive, Panasonic uses leica lenses and the olympus 4/3s format. while the samsung DSLR is just a Pentax DSLR with a Samsung Badge.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nasik all time Malaysian Favourite

I must say that Nasik Lemak(coconut rice not fat rice ya?) is one of my most favourite local food here found in malaysia, for under RM 5.00 you could get ample amount of rice with all standard issue sides like sambal, anchovies, telur rebus, and cucumbers plus either extra chicken, fish, beef rendang, squid, shellfish, fried egg or go nuts and get them all muahahah!!!

One particular place to get really good nasik lemak if you are ever in Kuala Lumpur is a little shop called "Nasik Lemak Seri Wangi" located in the 8th mile of Jalan Gombak, Gombak, Setapak. To get there just take the cab and ask him to take you to Pasar Besar Gombak. The little shop is located opposite the Pasar Besar Gombak.

If you intend to go on weekends please reach there before 9:30 am. This is NOT exaggerated as all of the nasik lemak be gone by 10am. (very popular and getting customers as far as from Klang)

The place opens 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday and any public holidays 7am to around 10am. The chef takes a day off on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)

The local concoction of drinks are great too. My favourite would be "Milo Ais"

Families could also have the rice and accompaniments served seperate on the table "hidang style" or in individual plates.

Among the chioces :

* Nasik lemak biasa (sambal, ikan bilis, telur rebus and cucumbers)
* Ayam Goreng (freshly fried chicken)
* Rendang Daging (Beef in coconut gravy)
* Ikan semilang (freshly fried small cat fish) my personal favourite
* Kerang and sambal sotong (shellfish and squids)

Allow me to make your mouth water....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buying a secondhand gadget...issit any good?

Through out the years, I've learnt that what ever electronic devices that you have bought, it will be super seeded by a more advanced model with more "useful features" the very next week (literally speaking) So to answer the question like "should I get a laptop now?" should be "never" or "just go ahead and get it!!!" having said that, I have to admit that I have two weaknesses when it comes to buying a gadget. Amount of "useful" features and aesthetics, if you wanna get something then get the features that you would use most and dont get something ugly looking (its subjective of course) coz you are gonna be using and looking atit often.

At the rate of companies like Nokia, Sony, Nikon, HTC etc etc releasing newer models almost every month the price of a gadget bought 2 months ago would drop severely. 2 months of usage by a careful user would make the item relatively new and now selling at a price of 2/3 than new, and...the item would still be under the protection of a 10 month warranty. now wouldn't you say that is a good deal!!!

Some people think that newer is always the best? I'm afraid that these people are sadly mistaken. if you set your mind to just get the latest thing in the market, you'll find yourselves forever unsatisfied.

For example in digicams. The newer slim Point and shoots that have internal lenses (the ones that dont protrude out of the body will never create sharp photos like the older although a bit thicker cameras that has a protruding lens barrel and bigger lens. its just the basic laws of optics. (physics) You need enough distance from the end of the lens to your sensor.

And dont get me started about Megapixels...sheesh... if you are only gonna print out 4R sized pictures and not big assed posters than a 3.2 megapixel should do the job just as well. high megapixels on a small slimm body is bad news coz it only means that the sensor so darn small.

anyways...back to the topic of second hand...

I think you can get some really good deals if you were to choose second hand stuff. Most electronic devices have very few moving parts and therefore have less wear and tear. the only thing of concern when buying secondhand electronic devices is the rechargable batteries. Most Lithium Ion or Nickel-MetaHydride batteries will die out within 2 years tops. so if getting sumthing that is already more than a year old ask about the battery performance.

Only buy new if:

1) you could get a really good bargain on it
2) you really wanna keep it for a long period of time
3) you prefer it new for hygenic purposes

What its all about...

The purpose of creating this blog is basically to share some experience and knowledge of my interests mainly electronic gadgets, photography, mobile devices, computer hardware, cars and bikes, jamming instruments and toys!!!! and also good food!!!

Occasionally I would love to rant and complain about the stuff around me (Kiasu culture, Double parkers, emergency lane drivers, supermarket trolley idiots) these people really piss me off!!

but to create seperate blogs on each of my hobbies, one on food and the other about ranting would be too troublesome (and I'm actually very lazy haha) Hence this blog is called a glitch in the system. Sharing with the world about some of my hobbies that is slowly eating me whenever I have an obsession.

You know you've got a problem when you would rather spend a thousand dollars on your next set of lens for your DSLR than spending a couple of hundred for new spectacles!!!! OMG!!!

I would also love to share about places where you could get a bang for your buck where food is concenred.

I've used a quite a lot of stuffs and hopefully users who are looking to get any electronic devices would benefit from some of my reviews and tips and tricks when buying and getting a good deal.

feel free to ask me anything that you have concerns for when getting any gadgets that your heart desires.

about me..

My very first...

Gaming machine : atari 2600, 1986, colour, favourite game : Defender!!

Mobile phone : Siemens S6, slimmest (at the time), prepaid, 1998

Camera : Nikon FM-10, photography club, 1996, digicam was a canon A50

Guitar : Kapok!!! rempit guitar haha

Computer : NEC powermate 386SX running at 33MHz with the real flip floppy disc

Toy/action figure : HE-man!! "by the power of greyscull...: