Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eggy in a Basket

Remember the movie V for vendetta?

Remember when V cooked breakfast for Evey one morning and it was called "eggy in a basket"

It looked so good I juat had to try it out for myself.

What you need:

1) Piece of bread

2) Glass to to cut out the bread

3) Butter

4) Egg

5) Frying pan

And.. viola!!!!... my eggy in the basket!!!

Art in a fart...

Now I'm sure you guys normally see this kind of art when you visit the good old neighbourhood public toilet.

What the heck is that!??!!! It doesn't even look like anything erotic let alone offensive hahaha

But what puzzles me the most is that :

1) What do these artists look like? are they scruffy looking like a mad man or well dressed liked a C.E.O of a company

2) Is this some kind of hobby or fetish??

3) Its amazing how conveniently these so called "artists" always carry a pen or marker in thier pockets. (as if the were prepared with carrying the marker with the soul purpose of drawing in toilets)

4) Do these people wake up in the morning and say to themselves.."hmmm...I think i'll draw at the next SHELL station on my way to work today)

Although some of the chit chat and drawing are sometimes amusing, I pity the guy who has to wash it all off. (he must be swearing some knarly words hahaha)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I couldn't resist, from the first time I touched...

...the iPhone!!!

Well well well it looks like I have finally sucumbed to the irresistable charm of the iphone. for those that know me well I have been an anti iphone for the longest of time since the first generation. I was a Pocket PC man and then s symbian man.

what makes me steer away from the iphone before? well it was fully touchscreen, hard to sms, it did not have many 3rd party applications, it had no memory card slot and the battery was not user replacable.

fast forward into the future, the iphone is now in its 3rd generation the 3GS but it costs a an arm and a leg to own one. (maybe even a liver)

after actually using one I was blown away by its touchscreen simplicity and of course the "safari" web browser!!! so far after trying many windows mobile phones and iphone wannabies. No other phone can match the silky smooth feeling of the iphone.

Browsing the internet was seamless almost effortless and the contents look EXACTLY like you would see on your desktop. even youtube videos play directly from the browser.

What makes living with the iphone okay?

- the iphone (jailbroken of course) now have most of my favourite applications and games from the PPC era
- no memory card but the built in 16GB is still more than my nokias 8GB microSD card
- Surfing the web at cafes without bringing a lappy is absolute bliss
- plus I have a secondary nokia E51 for SMSes.

this is one phone that I am having difficulty in parting with.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Singles are nearing extinction...

It has come for that time of the year again..where one of my friends is going to tie the knot.

Just like all good things, there are traditions that must be carried out before the joyous event.


Now before I go raving the "PARTY" by normal standards its not as huge as other he party here is actually very mellow by most standards and NO we did not hire a stripper... heck from where we come from we dont even know how to find one haha.

The friend that we are celebrating here is our dear pal Naza and he is due to be hitched in a months time.

It was actually a poorly planned last minute party and we only managed to gather a few dudes and tok Bobs car and went on to kidnap Naza.

1st we went bowling. Although everyone played quite badly, we had some interesting company at the next lane, two fine looking girls in which the single men of the group didn't take advantage of.

Then we watched a movie titled "Jennifers Body" which was actually a horror teen flick with quite a nice rock soundtrack. Surprisingly megan fox was better in this than in Transformers ROTF. I guess Michael Bay is to blame for this.

after the movie we headed off to the karaoke (how do I spell this?) lounge and sang like drunken japanese men until 3:30 am. It was fun listening to Naza singing out of tempo hahaha, even two simple words like "ding, ding" were out of place hahahaha

After all that we all headed back to KOta Damansara and stopping by a mamak to have some sobering supper.

By the time I got back home the time was almost 5am... I got as much sleep as I could before waking up again at 7.30 to bring Reyza for a morning Swim...just like Abah Promised he would..phewww

So after Naza get married next month the species of single dudes a getting less...(no pressure guys)

Welcome to the club naza...