Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taking it to the next level...part 2

Well today is the big day, and I am now driving 130km/h heading towards the "Pasar Borong" airport or what they call LCCT (low cost carrier terminal)

What did I bring with me on this quest for my portrait DSLR Body?

* Pasport and tickets
* Handphone
* My second handphone (just incase for emergencies)
* My sony P&S camera (for the blog)
* my portrait lense Nikkor 50mm AF 1.4D (superb lens)
* An empty Camera bag (to put the camera after I have bought it)

and most importantly...My 3M industrial grade dust mask and dettol hand sanitizer (a suggestion by wifey becuse of the growing number of fatalities of the H1N1 Flu pandemic)

Reached the LCCT, Parked my car, put on me mask, and rushed to the check-in counter. While waiting to board the plane I noticed only a handful of passengers were wearing a mask...oh well.

It was a different felling travelling all alone, not having anyone to chat with beside me (wearing a mask doesnt help a conversation) and I had to fill in the immigration forms all by myself. We touched down at Changi and even though changi also had a terminal for lowcost carriers it was miles better than the LCCT and it was interconnected with aerotrains, international flight terminals and the MRT.

Me with mask at fabulous changi

Everything is easy travelling in singapore, from changi I followed signboards and hopped on an MRT train and went straight to the agreed place to do the "transaction" The MRT cars were really long and throughout the train ride I was entertained with videos of Phua Chu Kang teaching singaporeans not to be "Kiasu" when boarding the train. "wait for others to exit"he would sing in a RAP style song.

I arrived at "Seng Kang" LRT station which is connected to "compass point"shopping mall, called the guy up and met him at Burger King. At First I was supposed to meet him at MOS burger, If you havent tried MOS burgers they are really excellent tiny mouth watering burgers (kinda like krabby patties in Spongebob Squarepants) Once there was an outlet at KLCC but no more. I was getting excited to dig my mouth into one but was let down when the cashier mentioned that it was not certified halal :(

Just like any other COD, I met Mr. Gary (the seller) and was a really nice guy and was really surprised that I actually came all the way from KL on a plane :O . He kept his Fuji S3 Pro in really good condition (its more than 3 years old mind you) with the box and every accessories. he gave me some freebies like a kingston CF Card and some long lasting Sony Rechargables :D. Tested the camera out and happy with the item I paid him and saved RM300 buckes compared to getting from another guy locally.

And now... to make my way back home...I still had another 4 hours to

to be continued....