Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Seiko S-wave automatic watch. Another rare series.

 The seiko S-wave series was what I think was Seiko's attempt at penetrating the funky hip style of young teenagers who like the designs of ala "Swatch". Released in 1997 in the Hong Kong Market it wasn'nt very popular and the later exported to South East Asia. The S-waves, being not so popular were soon discontinued and Seiko focused more on their best selling Seiko "5" series.

Well Fast Forward 15 years later, Collectors started to look for the S-wave series and of course its getting really hard to find. What makes this watch really good? especially among collectors? well here is the plus points :

1) Just another 7s26 movement? not really...the movement is a 7s36A not B not AO so its one of the very first few 7s26 movements

2) No "5" logo. but an "S-wave" hence not your ordinary seiko 5

3) Signed crown. Beautiful "S" symbol on the logo. Signed crowns are not available on any seiko 5 and rarely on other seiko's

4) Comfortable Solid link bracelets with Solid End Links.

There was quite a few S-waves made with different cases and dials shown in the picture below:

 Seiko S-wave family

Now as you can see this particular S-wave that I am reviewing is NOT in the picture above. So I am quite in the dark on which model or what the model number is. Would appreciate it so much if anyone could tell me the model number of it.

Nice Blue dial. No "5" Logo

 The S-wave "S" Signed crown and signature bracelet

 Solid end links and see through case back

Seiko Clasp