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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taking it to the next level part 3 (final)

Pheww... I know its been a verryy loonnggg time since I haven't updated this continuation of a story... (I know what you are thinking, I should'nt even be blogging :P)

Here goes :

After obtaining my prized cam, the time was... around 6:30 pm. I had around 3 hours left till my flight at 10:30pm later tonight.

I wanted to check out sim lim square but then I thought I'd pay a visit to one of my uncle's here in Singapore. His house was actually quite far, all the way at Harbour Front. It took me around 45 mins by MRT plus a 1.5 Km hike from the station. When I finally got there I was greeted by my Aunt (Mak Su) and chatted with her father (jolly old chap). Had a small dinner and chatted some more until my uncle finally came back.

On heading of back to the airport I was told that a cab would be the fastest way back to Changi Airport but unfortunately there wasn't a cab in sight. I was getting a little worried as I cant use the MRT now that its too late. Decided to go back to the mall and get a cab from there...and OH MY GOD!!! the Que was like a mile long!!!

having no other choice, (or no other options given to me) I had to take the MRT back to changi....
and... you guessed it I was late by 15mins!!! I missed the check-in Time but did not miss the flight though. The grumpy Air Asia lady refused to let me check in even though I had no check-in luggage and the freaking Plane was still on the ground not due to take off for another 45 mins.

What a predicament!!!! I've really put myself in deep shit this time... I am in a foreign country, with very little cash left, I missed my plane and tomorrow I have to go to work ealry in the morning, I dont have enough cash to buy another ticket even If I did the nxt flight is at 10am tomorrow morning..ARRGHHHH!!!!

Hmmm what are my options....I had to get back. And then... god gave me an angel...her name was Ester... she was in a tourist help desk booth. I approached her and told her my story and she out of her way and making calls for me. She told me that The night Train has left. Then after browsing through her computer screen she found a way out. there is a midnight Bus service!!!! Thank God and Thank You Ester!!! She gave me the details and I took a cab the bus station.

since the bus leaves at midnight I had ample time to get there. Bought the bus tickets, and was on my way home...

5 Hours Bus ride later, I arrived at Pudu Raya Bus Station in KL. It was quite a sight to be in the middle of KL at 5:45am kinda scary with all kinds of people scurrying about and even a few homeless drifters sleeping on the roadsides and by the pavement. I wished I took a picture but was too tired.

My dearest wifey came to pick me up. headed home. slept for like 1 hour and then was back up again to go for work.

This has truly been one of my wildest COD adventures. I think I'll do it again sometime...only next time no more Mr. Nice Guy.... :)