Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deftones...rocking good time!!!

Once in like 2-3 years some of my favourite rock bands make it to our humble shores for a concert and this time it was Deftones!!!! Yeah!!! Thanks to my pal Mahfiz a.k.a Toge (who bought the tickets for us) Toge, Syed and myself made our way to Deftones first ever live concert in Kuala Lumpur. (sure wished Bob could join us)

Syed having taken the day off, myself on half day and togeh (he is his own boss), we made our way to KL far earlier in the afternoon and decided to take a stroll down the old Sungai Wang Plaza while waiting for concert time. Sure enough some things have changed.

Afterwards we parked behind Istana hotel and walked ti the concert venue : KL Live or better known as Life Centre as the oldskool dudes used to call it.

Tune, the main sponsor and the organizers had much to be desired of. The theme for a rock concert was a bit "Gay"ed up. I mean seriously whats with the rose petals, red ballons and the faggot cupids???!?!? Valentines day was Yesterday!!!! Get over it!!! Eff that!! I'm here for a head banging good time!!!!

Once we got in we proceeded to the "Balcony". The concert hall wasnt that big, but that was actually a nice thing because the fans were very close to the band and made the whole concert feel abit like a personal private gig.

Deftones rocked the place hard and was really energetic!!! I think the dude had like a one minute break to greet the fans and then went rocking straight on for like another 5-6 songs.

All in all it was a great performance by deftones and satisfied us oldskoolers by playing their songs from "Adrenaline", "Around the Fur" and "White Poney"

The next concert that I would kill to get tickets for are perhaps Red Hot, Foo Fighters...and System...(bit of a long shot there). If these guys dont make it to least I can count on our friendly neighbourhood island if Singapore.

Rock on....

Pictures courtesy of Toges FB page