Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ultra rare Casio MD-808 Titanium Diver Illuminator

Ahhh titanium, being in the aerospace and aviation industry I really like this wonder metal. Not only issit strong, but light as well. Used on watches and spectacles it gives ultimate comfort and sometimes you may even forget that you are wearing them.

The stunning Casio MD-808 Titanium illuminator Watch
Recently I was in the hunt for a good casio beater watch. Feeling nostalgic, I didn't just want any casio, I wanted a casio "illuminator" of the 90's. Now wait a minute, whats the difference with the casio illuminator of today? Well today casio uses LEDs for the illumination, although its bright, its usually not very even.

Marble style illuminator, 1/3 the weight of stainless steel
The old illuminator (very much like timex's indiglo) had a cyan colour light and had a " marble stone" like finish and evenly bright across the dial.

So when browsing for a casio on ebay, I stumbled across this good looking Casio Marlin MD-808 watch. The Marlins are usually watches made by casio specifically for sea men, water sports and divers. These watches usually have a Marlin fish logo engraved at the back. Other japanese watches also does this like a dolphin, wave or tsunami logos for the dive watches.

Casio Marlin Logo, Titanium, Serial no. and model number.
Now why do I say this watch is Ultra Rare? well prior to buying any watch I usually do a google search on it wanting to find out what other users think of the watch and when I did, all I found was a link back to the ebay listing that I was watching. If you came here looking for "MD-808" you would probrably find the ebay listing which I won.

Now why do I consider this watch very special? What I like about this watch is:

Watch case and design : The case styling is looks very much like a "Tag". Compared to a quartz tag I would rather get this casio because it has the illuminator funtion. Rated to 200m water resist, lightweight and made from titanium. Casio rarely used titanium for their analogue watches. You would usually find titanium on digital casio watches like the MR-G, Frogman G-shocks and Protrek Triple sensor watches and those are mostly digital. It is very light and comfortable to wear.

Dial : The dial is nice and clean with very nice hour markers that have silver borders. The hands are lumed (not required but just incase the battery runs out on the illuminator) The hour markers are not lumed.

Now no watch is perfect and this watch has its low points. I really wished that this watch had:

1) a bigger size, the small 37mm diameter is a bit small but still the same size as my swatch iron so i guess its okay.

2) a date window. I really wish it had at least a date window. I can live without a day window.

3) A better strap/bracelet. The original bracelet, has folded links and tapers down to a very small 16mm when the lug size is actually 20mm. I have modified it with a more macho 20mm rubber strap.

Titanium bracelet, wish it was solid and wider.
So this concludes my Casio titanium illuminator review. I'll let the pictures do the talking.


On the wrist

 Now I can see the time in the cinema. Yayyyy!! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

The little known Seiko 7S25 UFO

Mention the word 7S26 and immediately eceryon thinks about a seiko 5 and probrably some seiko divers automatic watches. When someone mentions a Seiko UFO, one is quick to imagine the Seiko 6139 Automatic Chronograph watches.

Well here come the weird looking Seiko SNW011 which is based on the 7S25 movement (also found on the Seiko "Samurai's". The 7S25 is actually just like the common 7S26 but with only a date window with no day.

True enough its weird design is either a "like it" or "hate it" affair but I think THIS watch truly deserves the nickname "UFO" and the other one should be "UFO Chrono".

I think this wacth is rather rare and I was quite close to grabbing it but was stopped when my friend said..."what an ugly watch!!"

Anyways here is my verdict on the watch :

Case : Stainless Steel, The case is huge measuring up to 44mm with a see through case back

Dial and hands : Dial is simple and white with date only only window...hands...ughhhh could be better. Lume is good too.

Braclet : Braclet is a nice butterfly clasp type with solid links and solid end links. NICE!!! :)

Big diameter with fat hands

UFO design...where is the landing pods and ramp?

Date only window

Solid end links....nice
Overall : The design is weird...but I guess its a more dress type than sporty watch. Anyways let the pictures decide. Like it or hate it its up to you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Retro Seiko TV Dial Automatic Watch 6319-5201

Recently I have been doing some read up on seiko watches only recently was interested in some vintage seiko's. Apparently seiko made some stunning and amazing movements back in the 1970's like the brilliant 6138 manual wind automatic chronograph movement. Looking for my very first vintage seiko I decided to go for a simple automatic movement.

Browsing the options available at ebay, I stumbled upon a very nice looking Seiko 5 TV Dial 6319 watch. Now usually I really dont favour square watches but this one looked very pleasing to my eyes. I can imagine wearing this as a dress watch and an everyday office watch.

calibre Seiko 6319
Seiko – Made in Japan
Movement type:
Mechanical - automatic
Oscillator frequency:
21 600 vibrations per hour
Number of stones bearing:
21 jewels
Display time:
3 hands
Caliber function:
Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day, Date
Stainless Steel

According to my friend (another WIS) it kinda looked like a King Seiko :). The age of this watch is predicted to be about 35 years old made in 1977!!! (Now thats older than me)

This watch was posted to me from Bulgaria and now its safe al the way in its new home in Malaysia :)

Case : Square case measuring about 41mm lug to lug and 38mm side to side. Its almost the same size as my Seiko 10 bar diver (just a few mm short). Its thinner too and just nice for a dress watch. The crown is small and tuck away under the casing. No manual wind so a small crown works. Lug size is 20mm so Nato's and leather straps might be good for it. The watch case says "water resistant" but I dont think I will bring it even for a shower.

Dial : The dont make them like they used to. The dial is white with a hint of 3 tone pattern. Hour markers are embossed steel with lume tips. Embossed Steel "Seiko","5" logo and an embossed steel border around the day/date display make a very exquisite look :). The crystal is arcryllic and probrably replaced (but if it wasn't....damn!!!). The hands are simple and nice with lume. There is virtually no more lume and I guess getting it relumed would be good.

The bracelet : What I like best about the bracelet is the end links that tapers and fits nicely with the watch. It tapers down to a very small 15mm and it has folded links. Most vintage watches all have folded links but it follows the shape of your wrists very nicely.

Conclusion :

This watch is a testament that Seiko made some very robust and interesting watches even waaayyyyy before I was born. The fact that this watch is running strong and fine after 35 years still amazes me.

There are many other TV seiko TV dial watches on ebay, browse for one and grab one while you still can. remember you are not just buying a watch, you are getting HISTORY... :)