Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taking it to the next level...part 1

For some of my friends they know that one of my hobbies is "C.O.D." or Cash On Delivery. Which is the method that I use to purchase my many gadgets and item from the world wide web. Now usually I just buy from people who are usually near my area (KL or Selangor) The furthest that I went previously was a 100km drive down to seremban to get my Nokia E71 (a guy who used it for 10 days decides to sell it off at 40% off...why not???)

This time I have set my eyes for something bigger, a Pro body Digital SLR camera... the Fujifilm S3 Pro. Why is this camera a must have for me?

1) Its one of the best cameras for people pictures e.g. weddings
2) This camera has one of the best dynamic range
3) Really pleasing skin tones
4) Fuji Super HAD CCD sensor combined with my array of Nikon lenses
5) One of the few DSLRs to use standard AA batteries (great for travel)
6) Built in vertical grip for comfortable portrait shots

its looks like this

So whats the catch?this baby is no longer available in stores and searching online...I only found 3 people who are using it. One guy from KL who says "i'll never sell this baby", one guy in Sabah who is very uncertain of keeping or selling it. And one wedding photograper who uses this as his spare body who is selling it off!! Yayyyy!!!

But.... this chap stays in singapore...all the way down under 500km away from KL. So wife, the darling that she is, checked out the low cost airlines and a return ticket only costs RM 150?? I thought hell yeah!!!

So the plan is that I would take this flight (50 mins) Meet the guy, have lunch do a little shopping and then BOOM!!! be back in KL by night...

stay tuned for part 2....