Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cinema Chopping heads....

Well until recently my movie outings are rather limited. Being a father of two now, and with the little one just coming up to a year old me and wifey has had little time to go to the cinemas. I'm a movie buff and I love the whole cinema experience, you know, big screen, exploding audio, popcorn and the likes.

Here in Malaysia movie buffs have a few choices, theres the TGV cinemas, The GSC cinemas, Cathay Cineplexs and the upcoming MBO cineplexes.

Lsat weekend me and wifey went out to Sunway Pyramid decided to check out a movie a TGV cineplex there titled " Whats your number " starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. The movie was quite good but the cinema...horrid.

I seriously think anyone who chooses to watch a movie at TGV cinemas nowadays have to be half drunk or temporarily insane.

If TGV wants to stay in the game of local cinema entertainment they really have to UP their game. Previously at TGV, I have had a cinema that had "No airconditioning", at one time there was some sort of glitter paint smeared on the projector screen, and few times the audio was either too soft, suddenly went mono or even NO sound at all!!! (mostly at TGV 1Utama)

This particular time, at TGV Sunway Pyramid, It was the Projection of the movie that totally failed. What do I mean by failed?

Watching the movie with its acpect ratio gone haywire, in plain english its like watch a movie with all the actors and actresses forheads being cut off. How much did I pay for watching a movie with the actors head cut off? A freaking RM14 bucks!!!!

I personally feel that TGV is on its way down, the competition is wayyyy better with better seats and bigger screens.

If you are a serious movie goer, take a trip down to TGV and see hear and experience for yourself. you have been warned...

Since it is illegal to take a photo in side the cinema the picture below is modded to look exactly how my cinema experience was at TGV at that unfateful evening.
See what I mean??