Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Live... Is... To Ride...

As far as I can remember...I have always loved two wheelers...there no feeling like it. Sure it rains, and there is the potential danger of falling down and such, but... the feeling of freedom and the rushing air in your face... there is nothing like it...

Let take a trip down memory lane shall we...

  • 1992 - 10 years old, my first motorcycle ride. My uncle's honda Cub C70. Rid it into a drain hehe
  • 1993 - 13 years old, suzuki best 110R, short joyride on Uncle Zaibo's bike
  • 1998 - My very first bike - The kawasaki K1 115R - This bike was superb, fast and very stable
  • 1999 - Yamaha RX-Z 135cc - One one best bikes I have ever owned, Malaysia's favourite bike at the time.
  • 2002 - My RX-Z was stolen :( - used the insurance money to buy a second hand RX-Z (very bad and not in good condition)
  • 2004 - Yamaha TZM 150 - Veryyyy fast... veryyy powerful but a bitch to maintain...power valve oli seals always leaked (poor engine design)
  • 2006 - My first SBK - Naza Blade 250N or Hyosung Comet 250, Red in colour, quite a looker. Really robust V-twin DOHC engine. A pleasure to own and ride. Many memories... many dudets had a ride. Met the missus too hehe :D. Had to let go of it coz expecting my first son.
  • 2011 - Kawasaki Ninja 250R - after 3 years of non riding... final I'm back on a two wheeler. been using this baby for almost 2 months now. and I'm loving it... speed is good, mid RPM peak torque means that all I have to do to overtake while cruising at 110km/h is just pulll the throttle and it'll go to 130km/h in a jiffy. more on this bike after I have used it for a while...
To live....IS....To RIDE!!!!!

*note these pictures are not the actual pictures but the exact same model and colours huhu :P