Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buying a secondhand gadget...issit any good?

Through out the years, I've learnt that what ever electronic devices that you have bought, it will be super seeded by a more advanced model with more "useful features" the very next week (literally speaking) So to answer the question like "should I get a laptop now?" should be "never" or "just go ahead and get it!!!" having said that, I have to admit that I have two weaknesses when it comes to buying a gadget. Amount of "useful" features and aesthetics, if you wanna get something then get the features that you would use most and dont get something ugly looking (its subjective of course) coz you are gonna be using and looking atit often.

At the rate of companies like Nokia, Sony, Nikon, HTC etc etc releasing newer models almost every month the price of a gadget bought 2 months ago would drop severely. 2 months of usage by a careful user would make the item relatively new and now selling at a price of 2/3 than new, and...the item would still be under the protection of a 10 month warranty. now wouldn't you say that is a good deal!!!

Some people think that newer is always the best? I'm afraid that these people are sadly mistaken. if you set your mind to just get the latest thing in the market, you'll find yourselves forever unsatisfied.

For example in digicams. The newer slim Point and shoots that have internal lenses (the ones that dont protrude out of the body will never create sharp photos like the older although a bit thicker cameras that has a protruding lens barrel and bigger lens. its just the basic laws of optics. (physics) You need enough distance from the end of the lens to your sensor.

And dont get me started about Megapixels...sheesh... if you are only gonna print out 4R sized pictures and not big assed posters than a 3.2 megapixel should do the job just as well. high megapixels on a small slimm body is bad news coz it only means that the sensor so darn small.

anyways...back to the topic of second hand...

I think you can get some really good deals if you were to choose second hand stuff. Most electronic devices have very few moving parts and therefore have less wear and tear. the only thing of concern when buying secondhand electronic devices is the rechargable batteries. Most Lithium Ion or Nickel-MetaHydride batteries will die out within 2 years tops. so if getting sumthing that is already more than a year old ask about the battery performance.

Only buy new if:

1) you could get a really good bargain on it
2) you really wanna keep it for a long period of time
3) you prefer it new for hygenic purposes

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