Sunday, November 2, 2008

What its all about...

The purpose of creating this blog is basically to share some experience and knowledge of my interests mainly electronic gadgets, photography, mobile devices, computer hardware, cars and bikes, jamming instruments and toys!!!! and also good food!!!

Occasionally I would love to rant and complain about the stuff around me (Kiasu culture, Double parkers, emergency lane drivers, supermarket trolley idiots) these people really piss me off!!

but to create seperate blogs on each of my hobbies, one on food and the other about ranting would be too troublesome (and I'm actually very lazy haha) Hence this blog is called a glitch in the system. Sharing with the world about some of my hobbies that is slowly eating me whenever I have an obsession.

You know you've got a problem when you would rather spend a thousand dollars on your next set of lens for your DSLR than spending a couple of hundred for new spectacles!!!! OMG!!!

I would also love to share about places where you could get a bang for your buck where food is concenred.

I've used a quite a lot of stuffs and hopefully users who are looking to get any electronic devices would benefit from some of my reviews and tips and tricks when buying and getting a good deal.

feel free to ask me anything that you have concerns for when getting any gadgets that your heart desires.

about me..

My very first...

Gaming machine : atari 2600, 1986, colour, favourite game : Defender!!

Mobile phone : Siemens S6, slimmest (at the time), prepaid, 1998

Camera : Nikon FM-10, photography club, 1996, digicam was a canon A50

Guitar : Kapok!!! rempit guitar haha

Computer : NEC powermate 386SX running at 33MHz with the real flip floppy disc

Toy/action figure : HE-man!! "by the power of greyscull...:

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