Monday, November 3, 2008

Nasik all time Malaysian Favourite

I must say that Nasik Lemak(coconut rice not fat rice ya?) is one of my most favourite local food here found in malaysia, for under RM 5.00 you could get ample amount of rice with all standard issue sides like sambal, anchovies, telur rebus, and cucumbers plus either extra chicken, fish, beef rendang, squid, shellfish, fried egg or go nuts and get them all muahahah!!!

One particular place to get really good nasik lemak if you are ever in Kuala Lumpur is a little shop called "Nasik Lemak Seri Wangi" located in the 8th mile of Jalan Gombak, Gombak, Setapak. To get there just take the cab and ask him to take you to Pasar Besar Gombak. The little shop is located opposite the Pasar Besar Gombak.

If you intend to go on weekends please reach there before 9:30 am. This is NOT exaggerated as all of the nasik lemak be gone by 10am. (very popular and getting customers as far as from Klang)

The place opens 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday and any public holidays 7am to around 10am. The chef takes a day off on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)

The local concoction of drinks are great too. My favourite would be "Milo Ais"

Families could also have the rice and accompaniments served seperate on the table "hidang style" or in individual plates.

Among the chioces :

* Nasik lemak biasa (sambal, ikan bilis, telur rebus and cucumbers)
* Ayam Goreng (freshly fried chicken)
* Rendang Daging (Beef in coconut gravy)
* Ikan semilang (freshly fried small cat fish) my personal favourite
* Kerang and sambal sotong (shellfish and squids)

Allow me to make your mouth water....

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