Sunday, March 29, 2009

Round up of MARCH 2009

Alert!!! This a round up post!!! Looks like I have been to busy (or too lazy) to update my blog...ZZZzzz. Heck I shouldn't even have a blog coz as far as I can remember...all my attempts at writing anything kind of diari or journal has failed.

Good news in March 2009

1) All my students of Batch 2008 trainees have all passed their Physics examinations!!! I'm quite proud of this coz ever since I held the helm in 2008 I have maintained a 100% passing rate. Previous batches 2006 and 2007 have all had 8-10% failures.

2) My son is now taller and has started to crawl and learn stuffs that I teach him :D More on this at :

3) Liverpool Thrashed Manchester United 4-1!!!! Thats FOUR FU*King ONE!!! and... it gets better... We won the game at OLD TRAFFORD!!! you heard me... OLD Fu*King TRAFFORD!!! hahaha. As far as I'm concerned League title be damned, I'm happy with this already...

4) I finally did my E-filing...senang...cepat dan mudah!!!! hahaha

Thats all for now

hopefully I'll write better, more specific updates in the future...


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