Monday, February 9, 2009

One sunday with my best buds...

hmmm last sunday, the three amigos were united again and we did the one thing that we enjoyed most, no.. no going to sungai wang and lowyat plaza... the other thing...jamming!!!!

It was me, and my best buds Syed Khaliz and Bob, we used to have sooo much fun just hanging out and we would come up with the silliest of jokes like "Nasik LeBob" and "Adob a duck!!!" hahahaha (actually only the three of us would understand why this is funny)

Before we headed of for jamming I accompanied syed to get his car wash and then I was supposed to take some pictures of his car coz he is selling it. (expansion of the family)

Jamming was well, we started goofing off well but then came to realize that we were missing one more player and vocalist, all of us could sing well and play well but alas none of us could do both at the same time :P

so after jamming, I took some photos of syed's blue car....

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eNazZ said...

I bet you loved that Sunday. :)