Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last for 2014...newly acquired watches

2014 was a crazy year for watch hunting, especially when Evil Bay goes rampant. In this short post I'll post a few watches that were snapped up during the year 2014. No reviews just yet...i'll just list down the reasons why I just HAD to have these watches!!!

Here goes :

Casio DW-001
* Vintage and the very first Jason Design
* Has a Thermo Sensor unlike todays G-001
* did a little restoration project on this one

Alba Diver Automatic Watch
* Vintage and Rare!!!

Seiko Bellmatic 4005 JDM
* Very rare to find a bellmatic with only date instead of day date
* Perfect for formal dress occasions

Seiko BFS
* The original Seiko BFS!!!
* RaRe!! Nuff said

Seiko White Knight
* Actually my second White Knight...missed it
* Hard to find
* Best Dress Diver design by Seiko

Casio MRG-1
* The very First MR-G from Casio???
* Black and Gold Edition??
* Had to have it!!!

Casio BM-200
* Nostalgic, had this when I was 16
* Most comfortable Baro watch with no side protruding sensor
* Looks like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!!!

Casio Duro DRO-204
* Very rare
* Cool True Blue Illuminator Backlight
* Come with original Bracelet

Casio AW-712
* Barometer, Altimeter, Depth Sensor all in a nice looking Analog Watch!!!
* Super rare

Enicar Ocean Pearl Automatic
* My first Enicar!!!
* Swiss Made Caliber 165