Friday, December 26, 2014

Watch round up of 2014 : Those that have departed...

2014 has been a crazy for my watch collecting hobby. In this post I shall round up all off the watches in my collection that I have had to let go off  :( I'll briefly give all the good points of the watches if you are interested in getting your hands of any one of them.

I let go of some of the watches for various reasons among them are (some of them might be familiar to you) :
- No chemistry
- Stayed too long in the watch box without getting enough wrist time
- Offered a good price
- Gave it as a gift for a friend or familiy member
- A sacrificial goat for another watch that's much more desirable (traded in)
- Accidentally won it on Ebay and didnt really wanted it in the first place :P

OK here goes :

Casio G-8000 Limited Edition White Orange
* Stunning G-shock, unique design, nice tattoo on the band
- Let it go to my sis as I realized that white doesn't work for me

Casio Duro 200m Illuminator Ana-Digi
* Bought it for nostalgic purposes as I had this watch wayyy back in 1995 
- Sold to an office mate who really needed a good watch.

Orient GMT Automatic
* Great quality from Orient, Signed crowns, machined clasp and an adjustable 24hr daylight GMT Bezel
- Sold to local collector, wasn't getting enough wrist time

Citizen Military Automatic
* Love the military dial and signed promaster crown, great lume
- Sacrificed this baby to get a really hard to find Vintage Seiko 4005 Bellmatic (date only)

Casio G-Shock G-101
* Great Ana Digi Design, really accurate analogue movement
- Offered a good price from one of my football buddies (at least I get to see it often)

Casio WQV-3 First ever Wrist Camera Watch
* Retro, Cool and a conversation piece, nice for avatar photos, works with windows 7 and USB IR dongle
- Offered a good price by a collector

Casio 7002-7020 MKII 200m Diver
* bought this to replace my SKX007, exclusive Date Only Dial, good and reliable
- Less wrist time, sold for a good price

Swatch Automatic Chronograph
* Hey ho my very first Swisss Auto-Chrono, top of the line swatch
- Sold it to my boss, aiming another swatch 

Swatch Irony Aluminium Chronograph
* Watched an Aluminium Swatch for its lightness
- Gave it to my dad as he said he liked it

Casio MRG-200T
* MRG, Made in Japan, Titanium Bracelet, Screw back whats not to like?
- Bought another 2 MRG's so this one had to go

Casio G-8000 Black Orange
* Best G-Shock Design
- Sold it off to make ware for an even rarer G-8000 :)

Casio BP-100 Vintage Pulse and Blood Pressure monitor watch
* The best watch for fitness tracker, Better module than even the newer BP-120 and BP-200
- Sold to a fellow casio collector

Swatch Irony Retrograde Chronograph
* Big, buffed Swatch Irony
- Sold it off within a fortnight, impulse buy

Swatch Irony Big Aluminium
* Unique whole dial lumed
- Gave away

Casio G-001 Black Red
* Negative display, World Time, Timer
- Sold it off as I got my hands on a DW-001 module and used this G-001's parts for restoration

Casio MD-310 200m dive watch
* 200m, Rotating Bezel, Shrouded Design, First Autolight feature (shake)
- Sold to a gentleman who appreciated it better

Seiko Starfish 7S36 Superior
* Unique starfish design, big and hefty
- Sold it cheap, coz daddy needs some cash

Well thats it for many was it now? 17 watches?? all gone?? yeah I guess so but having said goodbye to these fine watches...there were a few that was newly acquired but I'll tell that story in another post. Happy Boxing day 2014!!!

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