Thursday, December 11, 2014

Casio Wrist Camera Watche WQV-3

Now in the year 2014 people marvel at the samsung galaxy gear a bluetooth watch that also sports a digital camera built into it. But for those of you who didnt know, casio was one of the first who made a wrist watch camera wayyy back just before the new millenium in 1999. It was the Casio WQV-1 Digital Wrist Camera. It was small, squarish and only took pictures in monochrome black and white with JPEG sizes of 120x120 dpi!!!

I got my hands on a WQV-3 which was rounder and has colour data!!! What this means is that the screen is still in black and white, but the output is in color so you get color JPEGs now when transferring images to your PC.

I had to buy an IRDA USB dongle to use it with my PC and Hooray!!! it even works with windows 7!!! 

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What I liked about it :

- RETRO and a conversation piece
- Full calender display
- Easy to replace CR2032 battery (CMOS battery found in PCs)

What I wish it had :
- IR remote learn function (to control TV channels)
- Higher water resist rating

Why I sold it

- Offered a good price
- no time to play with it


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