Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Only just a few weeks ago I was hit hard by one of my worst enemy..... Mr. Gout and this time he really hit me hard. His last attack was about 2 years ago (I have been watching my diet since). This time it hit my ankle so as a person I couldn't put any pressure or weight on it thus making me utterly unable to walk. Even lying down was not easy as I had to find that one minute position that didn't spell H.U.R.T.

Now one week has passed and just as I am recovering from Mr. Gout. My son, my daughter and now finally me has contracted the HFM disease. Now wait a minute, isn't Hand Foot and Mouth usually found on infants and kids??? Aren't you a little old to be getting it? Well thats true, but according to my history and well protected childhood :P It seems that I have never contracted it when I was small so here I am today... a Dad in his 30's with the HFM virus throwing a party in his body.

So just to share, what does HFM do to your body? ( if you're a dad in your 30's). Before you actually get any form of conformation of getting HFM you would get a mild fever that will last about 1 day or 2 mights (its just your body sounding the alarm that somethings is wrong). next you'll start to get spots or rashes on top of your hands. Finally when you know for sure that its HFM, you'll feel that your mouth will feel like you have just woken up( but throughout the whole day), mouth ulsers and blisters on your feet and palm of your hands.

It starts with the rash like bumps...

As my darling wifey read up, apparently I have it worse than my kids since they got it from 'the source' and I got it from them.

....and then blisters on your feet.

Now getting 2 sorts of illness within 2 weeks, I just can't help thinking and feel worried. among the things that are going through my mind right now is...

* Some how I have to boost my imune system
* I have to drink lots of plain water ( I guess I grew up not drinking anything without 'flavor' haha)
* I am a little worried about my credibility as being sick and unwell for 2 weeks with 2 different cases, well the probrability is not high but I guess no one wants to be sick.
* I have considered to come to classes and give lectures despite having HFM. (was thinking of wearing a mask and gloves haha) But I dont think I would want to pass this virus to any of my students at the college.

so here I am at home, me, my son, and my daughter... Quarantined

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