Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lightning Trip to Johore And Singapore

Hmm last weekend...I went on a lightning trip down to JB. We travelled by road in my Bosses Benz a CLS 350 and damn was it fast... We left Sepang at about 11:30 and arrived somewhere around 13:45 at the hotel Lobby in JB. Average speed was about 190Km/h...(no kidding) and even at that speed it was smooth with no vibrations.

Well enough about the car, lets talk about JB. Coming to JB reminds of the good old days when I use to come here and hang over at my best friends house...A lot has changed since the last 10 highways, Iskandar city among the most recent is the new JB Central Station built over the existing Railyway Station, even JB City Square is undergoing renovations.
Thankfully even after 10 years, one place hasn't changed much and that is...Holiday Plaza. Holiday Plaza is like the small version of SG wang. Here is where you can get Watches, Electronics, gaming and even the *ehem-ehem DVD's which have now evolved to Bluray Discs. Prices are damn good. My colleague grabbed a bunch of movies, and I got me some BD's and.... also walked out with a very nice timepiece for my self....hehe (as if I didn't have enough watches already). I'll do another write up on the watch later...

Coming out of the Plaza with our loot we headed back to the Grand Paragon Hotel (nice place). The evenings were spent hanging out with some acquaintances of my boss, having dinner (thai seafood) hanging out until the wee hours at the hotel club (at the highest floor of the hotel). The club was OK with live bands, pool tables and a nice view of JB.

Tomorrow was the meeting with CAE(a flight simulator developer) reps at Raffles Marina in Singapore.

All in all, it was a nice to go on these trips for meetings, it gives me a chance to meet up with some influential people of the aviation industry from other regions (namely Indonesia & Singapore) and learn a few things (tricks of the trade) related to the aviation.

Anyways at the end of it all it feels great to come home to a loving family after a tiring trip.

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