Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seiko Blue Monster Limited Edition (500 Pieces) 100th Aniversary Automatic Divers Watch.

The seiko monsters were always one of seiko's most iconic dive watches well known for is bold design, robustness and of course the radioactive like Lume!!! I have owned an orange monster before (1st Generation 7s26) and really liked it. I sold it off about two years ago mainly because almost everyone had a monster it wasn't very unique anymore. (I have an obsession with being unique :P)

Fabulous Blue Dial
Ever since I sold it, I missed it! and I had contemplated getting one of the 2nd generation monsters (4r36) but of course I knew that I might eventually sell it off aswell (unique factor) and thus dissmissed the notion again until I saw the Seiko SRP455K1 Limited Edition Blue Monster. Immediately I fell in love with and felt that the metallic blue dial was stunning and well complemented with gold hands, blue bezel and gold crown.

But again I dissmissed it thinking that with it being a limited edition, shops are going to ask wayyyy more than the standard monsters and the Blue rubber strap was not to my liking and eventually I would fork out even more to get a stainless steel bracelet and thus tearing a big hole in my very thin pocket :(

Gold lined hands
And then it happened, recently in the month of Ramadhan in 2013, as I was browsing at one of my favourite malls in downtown and I caught a glimpse of the Blue monster in the flesh but only this was on a Stainless Steel Bracelet!!! "Oh yeah!!!"  as I handled the watch and flipped it over to see the case back I was very surprised to etched in place of the serial number is a limited serial number..."XXX/500" and I went hmmm the SRP455's only had the standard 6 digit seiko serial number... why was this one different? Then the shop owner explained that this is a different model called the SRP461K1 and its production is limited to only 500 pieces.

Oh no.. a "Truely Limited" Limited Edition Seiko monster?? I just had to have it!!! I thought to myself... "Whats not to like??? its probrably one of the best and perfect monster for me...

* Nice Blue Metallic Face
* Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet. Not all the way PVD (only the Bezel was Blue PVD)
* 4r36 hack and Manual wind (which I have yet to try out)
* Truly Limited!!! 500 Piece edition... (Unique Factor!!!)
* The serial number was 00X/500

So it all came down to the Moolah.. how big of a hole was it going to burn??? and when I asked the shop uncle for the price he gave me absolutley no reason NOT to BUY IT!!! Damn he knows me well. I usually haggle but this time he gave me no room to bargain as it was already bloody good deal.

I love this watch!!! and would definitely recommend anyone to grab one while you can. If I had more moolah I would grab two but I guess I should let some other bloke enjoy it aswell :)

Not much point as doing a full review coz its basically the same as the SRP455K1 but with SS bracelet and the same as other 4r36 monsters out there except for the different colours

Happy 100th Aniversary Seiko!!! you have really made my 3Xth birthday a great one :)

Case back and Limited Serial Number

Agent 006

Wrist Shot!!!


Unknown said...

May I know where's the shop? Still have the stock? What's the price?

Mister Bigg said...

oh dear so sorry for the late reply. (as you can see I rarely update my blog, let alone checking for replies) for what its worth, I found it in Sg Wang Plaza. Kuala Lumpur.

Unknown said...

Hi, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of information for Seiko LIMITED EDITION Automatic Diver Watch Model - SRP233K1 I must say that while reading your post I found my thoughts in agreement with the topic that you have discussed, which happens very rare.

kohym said...

Hi can let me know which floor in Sungei Wang? I am from Singapore and be in KL next week for work. Thanks.

Mister Bigg said...

again sorry for the late reply, If you are in sungai Wang try the first an second floor alleys. another good place for watches in KL is Pertaman Complex. :) happy hunting.

Mister Bigg said...

again sorry for the late reply, If you are in sungai Wang try the first an second floor alleys. another good place for watches in KL is Pertaman Complex. :) happy hunting.