Monday, February 18, 2013

First for 2013...

Well I am still here, alive and kicking, armageddon apparantly is POSTPONED!!! Yayyy! But truth be told I cant blame the apocalypse for being lazy to update my blog.

As tech savvy as I think I am...I only just recently discovered the "Blogger" App for iOS device (shame on me). So now that I am currently writing this entry using the app I have no reason not to update the blog more frequently.

Relax... Its only the second month of the year. So what has happened in the past 3 months... well I have transitioned to a new workplace and of course have collected a few more watches (I'll review them in upcoming posts)

My Son has started Kindergarten (see updates on )

Liverpool is still a club that has much to be desired of and its getting really hard to face the "other" rival supporters :(

What ever it is... my blood will always be red... You'll Never Walk Alone.

( the picture below is just a test of the app capability )

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