Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Seiko SKX031 Black "Submariner"

The seiko black submariner.

This is a very good watch, and I can't seem to get enough if it. I am so crazy about this watch that I bought both variants and now I have the black SKX031J as well. The "J" in the model number indicates that it is the Japan Domestic Market model. You can tell if your Seiko Submariner is the "Japan" model by looking at a few things. 

Dial: It should have the markings "made in Japan" around the 7 o'clock position. The dial also has the markings "21 jewels" below the "Water 10 bar Resist".

Caseback: The caseback should also have "japan" engraved below the serial number.

Day/date window: The day should be indicated with english and arabic language while other are english and spanish. To be honest I really dont know why a japan watch would have an arabic day option.

Below are pictures of the black sub.

Since everything else is the same, you can read the review here :

Side by side


Unknown said...

It has been my experience that all Seiko watches that are made in Japan will carry the MADE IN JAPAN markings. Those made elsewhere, like China and other fakes will not carry these markings. The Arabic markings were made for the Middle East market and not the Japanese market. SEIKO watched were very popular in UAE, KSA and other countries as alternative to expensive watched for mid-level managers that want a ROLEX look but work in the construction or oil industry where watches take lots of abuse.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Where can I find the S.S. Oyster bracelet for the SKX031J? The orig. bracelet part # was 44G4-BE.