Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Watches for Women...by Fossil

Most WIS or Watch Idiot Savants or (Watch Geeks) are men but that does not mean that women should be left out. There are some really nice looking womens watches out there and I must admit that I have come across some womens watches with some stunning designs that I just wish were a little bigger in sive so that I could wear them :P
Today I will be reviewing two womens watches from fossil (bought by my sister and my maid). The first one a jewel featured stainless steel chronograph.
The Strap.
The watch is which with a rubber/silicone strap that I must say is really nice for a rubber strap. The strap feels durable and fossil did a nice touch adding lines and gear like patterns on the strap to make it look very "premium". One nice feature of Fossil straps is that it comes with a small knob which makes the changing of straps effortless without the need of any tools.
The Watch
This quartz powered watch has a stainless steel case and decorated with some jewels (i dont think they are diamonds haha). The movement is a standard chronograph movement which has a split time function which I think is much better than any citizen or casio quartz chronograph where the second puch only resets the stop watch. The watch is rated at 100 meters water resist.
Nothing else to add, the pictures below will tell the rest. Damage Less than USD 70.00 :)
Nice Strap

Elegent dial with chronograph

The second watch is a White fossil disc watch ala "jumping hour" design. This watch has a very high unique factor in which there are no second, minute or hour hands but only discs. You read the time by reading the numbers aligned near the red line. pretty cool :)

The rest is pretty much the same quartz powered stainless steel case with 50m water resist. The rubber strap is flat and plain. The watch dial is also halved by the "disc" window and the other by a small "Fossil logo" This watch is definitely cool and unique and is sure a head turner.

Damage : only under USD 50.00 (whoa)

Unique Disc Dial

Nice onthe wrists