Monday, May 28, 2012

The Seiko SKX033 Submariner Pepsi -mini review

As I have said before, I was rather late in jumping on the Seio bandwagon so I am sure that there are more than enough reviews of this iconic homage to a classic watch....The Seiko "Submariner". In this short review I would just wish to share my personal experience in finally obtaining this gem and let the pictures do the rest.

I accuired this watch after selling off another SKX031 of an acquaintance of mine. Why didn't I get that watch for myself you may ask? perhaps because it was already modded with an orange dial and a faded bezel which I did not fancy plus did not have the time to do a fixer upper.

The modded SKX031

But apparently the guy had another SKX033 but this time the dial was stock, the pepsi bezel ok but came with a Seiko Z22 rubber strap. I thought to myself, "perfect!" since I have heard that many didn't like the stock Osyter bracelet with folded links anyways. I wasted no time quickly grabbed it.

First impressions...

For a dress watch the size is perfect, not too small and not too big. The dial is apparently very very dark blue, almost black to me (perhaps I was too used to the bright blue face of my Orient Mako). Lug size is 22mm so it will take a majority of Nato and Zulu straps(I have yet to get one). I tested the power reserve and the watch kept running for 42 hours based on the time I left it in my cupboard and the time the watch stopped.

Bracelet hunt...

Searching for a stainless steel bracelet was no easy task ( I felt that the classic sub look was taken away with rubber straps) I finally found an aftermarket ala Presidential bracelet while searching at Campbell and Pertama complex. I didn't mind that it was aftermarket because unlike the stock bracelet this one had solid links :)

Presidential Bracelet with Solid Links


The SKX033 may look small but I was surprise to find out that its the same size as an Orient Mako. The SKX might "look" smaller because it has a thicker bezel. Compared to the Seiko Spork the Sub is dwarfed. Lume on the SKX033 is also quite good. A bit brighter than the Mako and lasts long enough for me to see the time at around 6:30 a.m.

So here is the finished Seiko SKX033 Pepsi Submariner...

Tribute to my favourite Seiko Thread

Size Comparison with Orient Mako and Spork

Lume Comparison (no lume on bezel)

On the wrist


After reading many reviews and wanting this one for so long, I am not dissapointed when I finally got my hands on one. Worth every freaking penny and a definite keeper. This one is going to follow me to the office, formal occasions and other functions...for casual outings...I have the Spork :)

Hoped you liked the mini review as much as I liked making it :)

* Apologies for the "Un-rotated" pictures. I rotated them before uploading to blogger but blogger kept on rotating it back :(

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Anonymous said...

hi bro, which shop in pertama did you find the bracelet?

and how much was it going for then?

I'm currently looking for a 20mm bracelet myself for the midsized seiko submariner. (skx023)