Monday, October 24, 2011

Growing up with early watch craze

hmmm way before there was portable gaming, PDA's and ipods... the coolest gadget that a kid born in the 80s could have was a Sony Walkman and his Casio Digital Watch...

When it comes to watches I'm one of those weird guys who is a righty but also prefers to wear his watch on his right hand. Through out my kid and teen days casio was always the watch of choice....why? coz of the many functions to toy around with. I was a sucker for features and of course got suckered into the various models made by casio.

Among some of my geeky casio's were :

1) Casio 300m water resist - not that I went diving anyways, just for bragging rights haha (my watch can go deeper than yours)

2) Casio Data Bank - I could store phone numbers and even dial using the watch (by putting it near the mouth piece), damn I guess you cant get any lazier than that.

3) Casio Barometer BM-200 - This watch was freaking cool, as I could measure the altitude and the determine if it was going to rain wooohooo!!!

I actually really miss this watch as it was lost. Being in the aviation industry it would have more significance now than it did before. If I ever do find this watch at a flea I wouldn't think twice to grab it.

None of these casio watches ever did die on me. It was just mostly my negligence in using them and some lost during trips or relocation. Later on as I grew older the mentality that digital watches were for kids kicked in and I started wearing analogue watches (to be continued in another post)

Until today I still own a casio and make it a point to own at least one casio for the role of beat-em-up watch (jam Belsahan). The casio's are the ones that always follow me on camping trips, beach vacations, sports, and bike rides.

The current one that has been with me for almost 5 years is a casio Duro 200.
- Stainless Steel, analogue and digital (still need the analogue touch)
- Calender calculated till 2099 ( i dont think i'll even live that long)
- Stop watch, Timer, World time
- Tempreture and tide graph (the geek feature)

Actual picture of my watch... battered and bruised but still ticking

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