Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autobots...roll out!!!

The real life Datsun Fairlady

I was born in 1980...So I virtually grew up with the "more than meets the eyes" "Robots in disguise" toy and cartoon hit


Im quite picky in choosing robots for my collection, first and formost!!!! I only collect Generation 1 Transformers. Not

the beast wars, beast machines rubbish, and hell not the michael bay ones either.

Anyways recently I got my hands on smokesscreen a robot that transform into a 1980's Datsun Fairlady. This also happens to

be my favourite car in real life too :D

Other renditions robots of the Datsun Fairladys are Prowl (police car) and Silverstreak (a silver Datsun)

Other autobots cars that I have are... Jazz, Sideswipe (G2 black version) and skids.

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