Sunday, January 31, 2010

A jamming good time

"The Rotaters"

Vocals : Togeh, Bob, Biggs, Nedd

Lead Guitars : Bob

Guitars : Rudy, Bob, Biggs

Bass : Syed, Biggs, Rudy

Drums : Biggs, Syed

now the name "Rotaters" makes sense rite?

Well what can I say, this band is just a weekend project band of friends who love to rock it out and jump around while feeling that we are in our early twenties :P
Most of the covers that we do are from the alernative rock scene of the nineties i.e. weezer, smashing pumpkins, radiohead, silverchair and the likes.
Although not out to conquer the world, I guess we are just out to conquer the inevitable truth of aging all of us are in the "3 Series" and some of us have kids...(guess which one).
Basically it just comforting to know that once a month, we could meet up and have a jamming good time

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