Sunday, October 4, 2009

Airshow at the office

For as long as I could remember, I have always loved airplanes. To be more specific, I really love the jet fighters. Ever since I saw "Top Gun" when I was only 7 years old. I have imagined myself being "Maverick" a thousand times with the song "Daner Zone" in the back ground piloting my F-14 Tomcat and screaming through the skies at 20 thousand feet.
well... fast forward to 20 years later and well I am not a fighter pilot, :( but... I have worked hard to come as close as possible to these magnificent flying machines. I studied Aerospace Engineering and worked in various aviation companies both civil and military and now... one of the perks of being in the aviation industry is I get front row seats to airshows like these baby..
I present to you... the "Thunderbirds" 6 all american F-16 Fighting Falcon Jets...

Is that a shockwave?
Inverted flight

Although the Thunderbirds were quite impressive, I have to take my hat off to our very own Royal Malaysian Airforce's Sukhoi fighter pilot with its amazing manouverability and agility. The shear sound of its mighty engines roaring loudly would strike fear in any enemy or foe.

The Solitairy Sukhoi Steals the show

Awesome design for enhanced aerobatics
The show was great but too bad on the day itself it was raining (cloudy grey pictures). The previous day practice run had better skies. I took refuge under a wing of a Fokker 50 ( I didnt want my precious camera to get wet hehe..) Rain or shine there were still many who braved the weather to catch a glimpse of the show.

Cheers and shouts from the boys at METC

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