Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time and time again....

"Wul Us" The holy Quran says that man will always be on the losing side when it comes to time...

Even though I dont have enough time do all the things I wish I could do in a day, I do have quite a collection of time pieces...although having more watches will not allow more hours in a day, it does bring some sort of satisfaction when one buys a new watch.

Some people think that you must get a watch from a watch maker... so a good watch (to them)must be :
1) The most expensive thing that you wear..If the watch is expensive then "must" be goooodd
2) Must be made by a so called "watchmaker" (although most of them dont even know how to pronounce the brand.. :P)
3) Japan made watches are not real watches....

These people are FOOLS!!!! Brand conscious or shall I say brand slaves... and just follow what others think are nice.

These are the people

1) that think that rolex watches are "the" must have
2) often get duped into buying counterfeits
3) think that "quartz" is a watchmaker or brand :D :lol:
4) pronounce watch names like tissot as tissot and not "tissoe"

Why do I call them fools??? they spend tens of thousands for something that only tells you the time... I mean WTF?? You can get a casio that tells you the time, date, countdown timer, stopwatch, current temperature, the list of features go thats.. value!!!

So maybe casio's dont quite have a good design... then by all means get one that is most pleasing to your eyes... but it doesnt have to cost you a heart bypass operation!!!???

So I guess its true.. a fool and his money ARE soon PARTED...

btw...Gold watches are soooo yesterday... whats the IN thing now?

......matte or dark steel....

btw... this the current wtach that I was wearing at the time of writing..

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