Thursday, February 9, 2012

An affair with swatch watch craze...

As a child of the 80s (Gen-X) The Swatch craze came to Malaysia at the right time for me as I was in my teens and Digital watches were thought as watches for kids (time to grow up and read analogue watch dials haha). Swatches were (and still is) the "IN" thing back then with its funky design and other features like "alarm", "music" "one-button chrono" etc...

Having said that, I kind of ignored the earlier swatches as the plastic design did not inspire confidence and thus My very first swatch was a swatch scuba which had a 200m water resist value.

My very first Swatch Scuba Loomi 1995-1997

Soon after the Swatch "Irony" series made its debut and I was sold. I had to get one. I got one with a "Loomi" kinda like indiglo night light feature.

Swatch Irony Loomi 1998-1999

The night light didn't last very long and after sending it back to Swatch (at Lot 10) they replaced it with another model loomi too (I didnt mind coz I got a newer watch)

The next swatch that I had was a swatch irony blue chess which originally had a rubber strap but changed it to a bangle aluminium type. The watch is sold (but i still kept the strap)

Swatch irony "Blue Chess"

I tend to love chrono watches (the ones with stop watch) as I actually use them for timing my lecture durations and timing my bike rides. Hence the purchase of a swatch Irony Chrono. The Irony chrono series have a bigger diameter than the normal irony so its more "manly". Now if you are thinking of getting a swatch irony chrono be careful as Swatch has a few models which are actually mostly plastic body side for an aluminium bezel.

Swatch Irony Chrono "Casually Inspired"

Last and my most current swatch would be the swatch Irony "Body & Soul". This a Swatch Irony Automatic series. Its a "skeleton" design so you can see all the gears and cranks and see how it moves. This is actually my very first automatic watch and being an automatic it needs no batteries. Yayy!!! (now I really appreciate the watchmaker). As an automatic watch, the swatch is of fine swiss quality, 21 jewels, has a manual wind feature, 40 hour power reserve and even a power reserve indicator (from looking at the coil of the mainspring). Classy and elegant, shame that the diameter is a bit small.

Swatch Irony Automatic "Body & Soul"

Some of these swatch watches are either lost or sold but I have never stopped being a fan of swatches. I have made it a point to own at least one swatch watch as I find that they are nicely built, fresh design and last quite awhile. Heck Swatch Ironys made "unibody" design watches even before steve jobs used them of his Macbooks. I also love the fact that swatch straps are user replacable and interchangable

Ever had a relationship with a swatch? Do you know what the "nickname" of your swatch is?

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